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Finality - UPDATED!

Title: Finality (2/?)
Disclaimer: Don't own, sad.
Summary: Everything has an end.
Rating: G, Angst (For now)

Note: Thanks for encouragement!

Kusano shook his head. "Please. I won't take up much space." Yamapi just looked at him. "I won't."

"I'm sorry, but you can't." The older one stated. "I know you think it isn't fair, but I'm not going to change my mind." Kusano buried his hand in his hair and closed his eyes, leaning forward in the chair.

"Fine." Kusano whispered at last and stood, picking up a box. He walked out of the room and sat the box on the steps, sitting beside it. He pulled a packet out of his pocket and lit up a cigarette. He rubbed his forehead, stressed. If only Yamapi could understand how much in need Kusano was. How much he didn't have anywhere else to go. He stuck his cigarette in his mouth and stood, picking up the box and walking down the sidewalk.

"Notti." He heard from behind him. He kept walking, he would do this on his own.


Kusano sat on the bench in the park and opened his wallet. He had just enough yen to get some instant ramen, and if he was lucky take the train far away so he could get some sleep. He closed his wallet and put it away, clutching tightly to the box beside him. He would do this on his own. His phone buzzed and he looked at it; before long he wouldn't be able to afford that either. [Riida]. He ignored the call and closed his eyes, listening to the hum of silence and the city in the distance. A few minutes later, he got a text message. He looked at it.

[Why are you running away? You can stay here, just don't run away. - - - Riida]

He replied.

[Thank you but I've found a place to stay.]

A few minutes later; [No you haven't. Knowing you, you are sitting in a park, planning what to do next.]

[Fuck you.]

"Why?" Kusano jumped, the voice in his ear.

"You freaked me out!" Kusano complained. Yamapi walked around and sat on the other end of the bench. "What do you want?" He snapped.

"Why did you come to me and no one else?" His leader asked. Kusano remained silent and shoved a hand in his jacket pocket. "What's so terrible that you won't tell me?" Silence. Yamapi sighed and leaned his head back. "You can't leave."

"Why not? It's up to me anyway."

"It's not up to you. You are nineteen. Not an adult, yet." He stated.

"Yeah well, you aren't my keeper." Yamapi narrowed his eyes, stood and took the box out of Kusano's hands.

"I am. Get up." Kusano sighed and gave in, getting up and walking a good six paces behind him.

"Why won't you let me go?"

"Because you are stupid, and the world doesn't need another stupid person like you wandering around."

"Eloquent." Kusano said sarcastically.

"Shut up. You are living with my rules now so listen. No parties, unless I give them. No girls over. No staying out past midnight. No complaining." Kusano rolled his eyes.

"Whatever." Kusano only knew of one of those things he could promise to not break-no girls over. Why would Kusano want to fuck in Yamapi's apartment? The thought made his stomach unsettled. "You won't have a problem out of me." He said, not too convincingly. Yamapi stopped suddenly, making Kusano run into him, then shoved the box into Kusano's chest.

"I better not." Yamapi led him the rest of the way in silence.


Kusano lay in his corner of the room looking up out the window at the clouded sky. He couldn't sleep here, so he just lay awake. He remembered how it felt to live like this. How exciting it always was to bring someone home and see their face in awe at all he had. Now he had nothing. He sighed. People always wondered why he hated fire. Now, many knew. All he had was what was in his box. Sure money in the bank but...he couldn't touch it. He had to go through processes to touch the money in his account and there was no way he was going to right now. He didn't have the energy for it.

He turned over and his eyes fell on the closed door to Yamapi's room. Well Yamapi and what's-her-name's room. "Lucky." He whispered softly, feeling his tears fall for the first time since the fire. At least he still had his life? Right? One of Yamapi's dogs wandered over and lay down on the floor next to him. P-chan, the only animal that ever liked him. He stroked P-chan softly and cuddled with him.


Yamapi wandered down the hall and his eyes landed on his burden in the corner of his living room floor. His dog was curled up in that burden's arms. "P-chan." He called quietly, scolding. "Come here." P-chan did as he was told. "Come eat and keep away from that..." The dog trotted into the kitchen after a sad look back at Kusano, who hadn't been sleeping at all.

Kusano turned over. He would go through the processes. As long as it meant not having to be under the same roof with the one person who hated him most.

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