Tetsuka (asouka_0_0) wrote in holdingthesun,

[February 15, 2008] Hospital and Home!

Happy birhday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birtday to meeee, happy birthday to me. I wake up singing in my head. The big two-oh. Legal. I sigh. Yappari...I still feel the same... I sit up and open my eyes. Since I've been at this place, I've been treated like royalty, and gotten a lot stronger, almost as strong as I used to be. They told me I could eat solid foods tomorrow. Wait tomorrow is today. Yatta! But they said nothing more solid than sushi. Which I can live with...I snuggle my blankets around me and notice Pi must have gone home. I scratch my head and look at the clock. 8:42. Wow I'm up early...
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